Friday, February 4, 2011

Increase Ballet Technique- Improve Your Ballet Footwork

You want to be the best, or among the best in your dance studio.

You want to get into pointe shoes, or dance better doing pointe work. This exercise, below, will help you begin to refine your foot muscles.

If you study ballet, how to increase ballet technique can be examined in detail with use of THE PERFECT POINTE BOOK.

With it, you can study ballet at home. If you want to dance ballet in pointe shoes, these routines will help you get prepared.

Adult ballet beginners can get ahead with dance by studying these ballet barre exercises.

Refining your reflexes is part of these exercises too. For one example try toe swapping. This is excellent for tennis players, basketball players, or any sportsman - or woman - who wishes to get better professional footwork:

Sitting straight with your feet flat on the floor;

  • check that the balls of the feet and little toe joint are evenly placed, as well as your heel
  • lift the big toes as high as you can, and hold them up for a few seconds. Do not let the rest of the foot change position, but make sure it stays on the floor. 
  • put your big toes down.

  • leaving the big toe fully on the floor, lift the other four toes up and hold them up for a few seconds.

It is not unusual that when you first start doing this exercise, your brain cannot even find the mechanism to lift the toes separately like this. You do not yet have the neural pathway for this action, but you soon will.

Lift the toes with your fingers, if need be, to fulfill the movement. then hold the position of the toes for a few seconds. You will probably find that after a few days your brain finds the action all by itself.

There are more exercises similar to toe swapping, that refine and strengthen movements in all parts of your ballet muscles.

Strong foot muscles will prevent lower leg injuries like shin splints, and give you the control to avoid accidents like sprained ankles.

Get your own copy of The Perfect Pointe Book, designed to help you increase your BALLET TECHNIQUE and improve your ballet footwork.

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