Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ballet Pointe Exercises For The High Arches Will Prepare You For Ballet Pointe Shoes

If you have extremely high arches, or hyper-mobile feet, you can learn this pre-pointe exercise to prepare for pointe work, right now.

Even if you are in your first year or few weeks of ballet classes, and even if you are an adult beginner, and even if you don't even WANT to dance on pointe one day, this exercise will build your strength for ballet pointe exercises.

Which is very important, to prevent ballet injuries. Sprained ankles are a very common injury, especially among the "lucky" who have 'banana' feet, fashionable for ballet.

Here is this simple exercise:

Using a barre or chair back, press up onto demi pointe, but not all the way. You need to stop the movement when your ankle joints are in line with your toes on the floor, not arching out in front of them.

You may need a mirror at first, or have your ballet teacher check the position.

Do several shallow demi plies, slowly, maintaining the position of your ankles. You will feel your lower leg and foot muscles working differently to do this.

This is the position you will do hops on pointe in. Your ankle joints will always be lined up with the platform of your toe shoes, never pushing forward.

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