Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ballet Foot Control -Get Special Pointe Shoes Exercise Routines

Ballet foot control - every dancer who wants to excel in pointe ballet work, needs more than just ballet class.

Ballet foot control is acquired through specific pointe shoes exercise routines taught HERE, as well as the basic technique learned in ballet class. You would like to think that the hundreds of battements tendus and degages, releves and jumps done class after class would be enough to prepare for pointe.

Not that each and every one of them does not count, they are all important. Yet, there is more. And learning special exercises to make your progress faster, does not take all that much extra time. For adult ballet beginners, time is essential, and these routines will help you advance.

Pointe shoes exercises target the sole of the foot muscles, and the big toe muscle.

Turn out and balance exercises are added to strengthen your rotator muscles and the supporting core muscles. When the rotator muscles are exerted, you will lose your pelvic placement, and your balance, if your abdominal muscles are weak.

Practising seated rises and slow rises both parallel and with ballet turnout, improves your postural alignment, while increasing strength in your foot muscles.

Creating strong sole of the foot muscles for dancing on pointe prevents ballet injuries, such as sprained ankles and shin splints. This is because the lower leg muscles are not constantly over-worked because of foot muscle weakness.

Every weakness in your basic classical technique is magnified when you wear pointe ballet shoes. You have such a tiny platform to stand on.

If your feet are ready, and your ballet positions are strong, you will really love dancing in toe shoes.

There are several more important and easy-to-learn exercises that you can add to home practice to prepare you for dancing en pointe. Adding some to your work outs will give you excellent results in ballet class.

You will feel the extra strength in your barre work, your jumps, and in controlling your landings from jumps and releves.

You will gradually achieve that "footsteps like a cat" quality that some ballerinas and men in ballet have been famous for.

Another added benefit from building the best ballet foot control, is being able to walk and dance quietly in pointe ballet shoes. The fastest way to progress to dancing on point, is to visit us and get your own copy of a video/photo/ and completely explained dancers guide, THE PERFECT POINTE BOOK, about POINTE SHOES EXERCISE.

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