Sunday, January 23, 2011

Improve Ballet Technique - Relieve Muscle Pain

Even with good ballet technique, incorrect usage of the feet includes various compensations for classical technique weakness in other areas of the body.

Meaning, other muscles or groups of muscles will over work to make up for a weakness.

As a young dancer, or an adult ballet beginner, you can learn how to relieve muscle pain in the feet. Get The Perfect Pointe Book to understand correct ballet technique.

This applies to contemporary dance classes as well, so if you dance in bare feet without the support of shoes, foot care is of the utmost importance, and will take you through many years of enjoying dance.

How to place the body weight on the feet is often referred to as the 'tripod foot', dispersing the weight on three areas. The ball of the foot, the little toe side of the foot, and the heel. Feeling wise, it is as though there is a little more weight on the ball of the foot area, than the other two areas.

If you stand with your weight held too far back, you usually can see and feel tension in the tendon at the front of the ankle. Placing the body with weight back in the feet also brings the lower leg muscles into play, and will create tension there in the tibia, or shin muscles.

The correct way is more comfortable. It also keeps the weight placed so that you are poised to leave a closed ballet position
and move with ease.

And it is not all about the feet - correct posture and pelvic placement allows you to stand on the feet with no unnecessary tension, ready to dance.

Being aware of this "triangle" on the sole of your foot helps you notice yourself when the knees, hips, waist and upper body are not strong enough, and are getting into misplaced positions.

Incorrect positions then cause awkwardness or require additional effort for ballet movements.

Correct ballet technique helps you prevent or relieve muscle pain. Get The Perfect Pointe Book which has many more dance tips about how to  IMPROVE BALLET TECHNIQUE.

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