Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ballet Toes Shoes - A Realistic Goal

I am a ballet teacher and dance educator who has felt the pain - and the joy - of dancing in ballet toe shoes. Also referred to as ballet pointe shoes.

I have read the entire dancer's guide, THE PERFECT POINTE BOOK to ballet toe shoes, and the instruction on how to improve ballet technique. I recommend it to all ballet dancers and ballet teachers.

I think it is an excellent volume of knowledge for teachers and students alike. I sure could have avoided a lot of pain and dance injuries if I had had it when I was training.

If you are a ballet beginner, or an adult beginner, and you dream of getting into pointe shoes, you will love this package. It offers the most basic and complete explanations of classical ballet technique, basic ballet positions, and ballet turnout.

On top of that, there is detailed text with photos and videos, demonstrating ballet barre exercises and center work too.

You may be too young yet, or too early in your ballet training to get into pointe shoes. But this book will help you start now, with all the correct barre exercises you need to prepare for dancing in toe shoes.

The best thing is, these exercises will improve all your ballet technique, and strengthen you for jumps and your future pointe work.

It is a realistic goal to get into pointe shoes if you have the right education. I recommend you get THE PERFECT POINTE BOOK and prepare, right now, to dance in ballet toe shoes.

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