Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ballet Toe Shoes - When Can You Get Into Them

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Ballet toe shoes, or pointe shoes, are a goal of most dancers that have seen professional ballet and have fallen in love. Ballet beginners, and adult ballet beginners, often wonder what it will take to get into pointe shoes.

You can take advantage of every single ballet barre exercise that you do, if you know how to use your foot muscles correctly. In fact, use of the foot is an important element to classical ballet technique.

Pre-pointe training is actually all of your ballet classes. Sometimes special pre-pointe classes are offered in your dance studio, to add to the preparation for dancing in ballet toe shoes.

However, you can learn the essentials of developing the foot muscles to achieve the strength and reflexes required for professional ballet footwork.

Isolating and working the tiny intrinsic (specific to the foot) foot muscles is easy to learn, with the proper instruction. Once learned, you can sit and watch television, study, read, or carry on conversation while you do most of these exercises.

Knowing how to increase ballet turnout and improve basic ballet positions will help ensure that when you get old enough, or experienced enough to dance in pointe shoes, you will be strong enough.

Bear in mind that anything you do technically incorrect in regular ballet slippers, will be emphasized greatly in pointe shoes. Not that being perfect is a requirement - nobody is!

Learning ballet is a journey. Getting more flexible is ongoing. Needing to develop your core muscles as you get more advanced is also a demand that keeps on increasing.

Ballet is a great work out, yet also a soulful pursuit. It is your personal artistic path. If you want to progress onto pointe, I recommend this expert dance manual to help you achieve your goal of dancing in ballet toe shoes.

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