Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Ballet Dance Routine -Start Late-And Progress Faster

Most adults, or older teens who want to start ballet have goals such as:

*** get stronger
*** get taller and leaner looking
*** get strong leg and core muscles
*** be determined
*** persist through the aches and pains
*** improve professional footwork for tennis, or some other sport
*** learn flexibility exercises
*** get a full body workout while practising in an artistic manner.

Develop your ballet dance routine with The Perfect Pointe Book. This manual is beautifully designed to develop your muscles without strain or over-work. It may not feel like that when you are an adult ballet beginner, but eventually you will learn how hard to work, how to relax and stretch in between exercises, and how to recover in between classes.

Even though this book is meant to give a student a regulated pre-pointe work up, it is finely tuned to all basic ballet technique.

If you start ballet late - The Perfect Pointe Book will speed your progress! 

It can be challenging emotionally to be in a class with younger people because unless you're "born to dance" physically, you will not see as fast a progress as the younger dancers get. And you might decide you're better off in a "ballet lite" class geared toward older beginners.

 The Perfect Pointe Book. will make your progress faster!

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