Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ballet Pointe Toe Shoes - Do You Know Your Ballet Barre Exercises?

Almost every dance student starts ballet because they want to dance in ballet pointe toe shoes. They know they will have to work hard to get their foot muscles strong enough for the beautiful pink satin toe shoes.

Adult ballet beginners know they may not get into toe shoes but most are willing to try.

The Perfect Pointe Book makes this easier for both the young and old ballet beginner.

It is a given that each wants to find the best ballet teacher in their area. And a dance academy that has a pleasant encouraging atmosphere.

How can a ballet beginner get closer to being ready for pointe shoes?

At home, pre-pointe exercises can be learned and practiced six days a week. Always have a day of rest.

But bear in mind that the ballet barre exercises you do in every class, also get you ready to dance in pointe shoes

Every ballet position and exercise prepares you to dance en pointe. Understanding correct posture (which is natural posture of the spine), just to start, will help you get the best ballet position in plies, tendus, and all the ballet exercises done at the barre.

Correct ballet positions use your core muscles perfectly – pulling up the lower abdominal muscles. Holding in your stomach as you breathe adequately. Does this help you prepare for ballet toe shoes? Oh yes!

Understanding that flexibilty stretches, done with comprehension, relax and tone your muscles – yes, this too gets you more prepared to dance in toe shoes.

 flexibility exercises for dancers and athletes

And, yes there is more!

Very special exercises that isolate and strengthen the foot muscles, those little tiny muscles that are particular to the sole of the foot.

When the sole of the foot muscles get strong, the muscles of the lower legs -the calf and shin muscles – get a relief from over-exertion. This can prevent shin splints and Achilles Tendon inflammation.

When the sole of the foot muscles get strong and sensitive, ballet foot control will be better in releves, and jumps – and for pointe work!

And THEN when you go to buy pointe shoes, you will be ready!

Whatever you can do in soft shoes, you will be able to do in pointe shoes. Of course it will take some getting used to. I recommend that buy The Perfect Pointe Book and learn how to be ready for pointe shoes sooner.

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